Total Auto Poster is not Facebook hack tool. If you do spam or violate Facebook rules and policy your account will be blocked by Facebook, not because you were using this tool but because you didn’t follow Facebook rules. Using this tool will make your posting on Facebook groups much […]

How to avoid Facebook block part II

Facebook Advertising Policy example 5
Have your account been blocked by Facebook for joining and posting to groups? Have your account been reported as fake? In late time Facebook change a lot in their rules and algorithm. I see everyday that a lot of accounts are wasted because of this, and I see the need […]

How to avoid Facebook block

You need to be loged in on facebook and then follow this 2 steps: First step is to click HERE Second step is to click HERE Go to your address bar and copy link from second step and paste it to notepad or any text editor. Result will be something like […]

How to get Access token

This is very simple process. Go to your account on facebook and visit this link: Now save that page from your browser. You can do that via menu or with shortcuts on your keyboard CTRL+S. After saving that file, go to poster and click on import groups. Browse to […]

How to import groups in poster

Do you have blocked account on Facebook? I am aware that you have at least 300 groups on your account, but you need to visit them again personally and need to check their rules. There are a lot of admins of that groups who forbid posting with autoposter. That is […]

Most Important News on Total Auto Poster

Advertising on facebook can be very hard and maybe without result if is one single ad with same text and picture constantly posted. It is recommended that after every finished schedule you change your ad. Now you have option for creating schedule with new ad on every new post. On […]

How to enter multi post in one schedule

On one poster you can connect as many as you want FB accounts. This option is also good if other FB accounts are not registered as developers. All you need to do is that from main account add them as test users on FB developers. Detailed explained on video bellow.  

How to add tester Facebook account to your existing autoposter ...

With Total Auto Poster you have 4 options for posting on fb groups, pages and your wall. First option you can select is TEXT. In this option you can post your text with link. Next option is LINK In this section beside your text and link you have option to […]

How to post with Totalautoposter

In order to install  Total Auto Poster you need to have FB account which is: at least one month old and active on facebook verified with sms and registered as fb developer. Follow guidelines from video and wish you good luck and much success in work.  

How to install Facebook Total Autoposter Tool