How it works?

After you purchase Autoposter tool, check your email inbox please, or spam folder.

Then first check our instruction video on how to install the tool and how to connect it to several Facebook accounts and to let it post for you.
You must also wait and see does your poster works, open your list or campaign and check Logs.

In logs is written is your post posted or not.

If it is not you will also see the reason for not being posted.

If you don’t understand what comment means, copy and paste the link you are trying to post through poster and post it manually on Facebook wall. That will tell you is your link reported for being spam. If that is not the issue, do the same with the image link, try to post it manually.

Reported link as being spam won’t work in poster and it will cause that your post will not be published, all you have to do is to change those broken links and your poster will work.

If that is not the issue, go to your Facebook account, click on settings and visit your dashboard to see does Facebook blocked you from posting on groups or even blocked you from creating apps.
If that is not the issue, your too long post might cause poster to stop posting.

After you checked all this, and if all this is OK and working, then you should contact me if you still have issues with your poster.