How to avoid Facebook block part II

Total Auto Poster is not Facebook hack tool. If you do spam or violate Facebook rules and policy your account will be blocked by Facebook, not because you were using this tool but because you didn’t follow Facebook rules.

Using this tool will make your posting on Facebook groups much easier.
Our recommended time for posting is 5 minutes between 2 posts.

This is some of basic rules for using Total Auto Poster

1) Do not create long posts. Facebook doesn’t like this kind of post, and automatically consider it as spam.
2) Do not try to post blocked links on Facebook. If your link is blocked on Facebook poster can not pass Facebook protection. So you are at risk that Facebook blocks you after continuing sending requests for posting blocked link.
3) Post only in time where you are regular on the Facebook. For example if you are sleeping overnight then pause your poster, until you get up. Facebook know your activity very well, and if he catch some ‘unusual behaviour’ on your account they will start monitoring your account. Very soon they will block you.
4) Your links/pages even if they are affiliate page or Landing page for collecting emails, you need to include on your pages Terms and Conditions, and clarify everything. Do not allow that you get in situation where you are making big empty promises with some catch behind. Users don’t like that kind of page and will report you, then Facebook will block your account.
5) You can not have questions in your ad. You will find more about this in Facebook rules of advertising.
6) If you read Facebook rules you will see that Make money opportunity programs, so as gambling are not allowed on Facebook. That’s why you need to advertise your program as training, and if you are telling something about money making programs you can’t promise or guarantee any income for your new referrals. They will not work for fixed sallary of course, but on commission, and you need to tell them exactly that. Do not make promises about any earning, just explain how your program works and be honest. First your followers will respect you more and your rating will be increased by time, and second you will follow Facebook rules and policy.

I hope that this will help you in your work, and in meantime if I remember some more things about posting I will let you know.