How to enter multi post in one schedule

Advertising on facebook can be very hard and maybe without result if is one single ad with same text and picture constantly posted. It is recommended that after every finished schedule you change your ad.

Now you have option for creating schedule with new ad on every new post. On that way you will constantly have different ad and possible much better results.

Solution is SPINTAX (spin syntax), and can be used very easily.



If you put this kind of text in your message field, posts will go like this:

First post will be posted with spintax1, second post with spintax2, and third post with spintax3.

This example can be used with links too.

So, let say for example that you have created your schedule with spintax, and that you put 2 links, 3 images and 4 different texts. That means that your ad will not look the same for about 10-14 posts.

Every new post will be different, and with new feature on random time interval you get more natural posting from your account, and of course spam will be avoided too.

I hope that you like this update, good luck and enjoy in your work.